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  • Name: Side light 1.2W module
  • No: MJW154B1
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1, Adopt high quality 3030 light source adopts, high brightness, uniform color, good antistatic ability;

2, With DC12V power supply, constant voltage circuit design, single led module can be cut;

3, With 13 * 43° optical lens, beautiful shape, high conductivity aluminum PCB, cooling effect is good.

4, Adopts ABS injection molding process, flame retardant grade up to UL94V-0, waterproof grade IP65.

Application: Mainly used in 8-12 cm advertising light boxes etc.


Description of product


Operating voltage(V)


Color of the shell






Luminous Flux


Cascade Qty (pcs)


Lighting effect


Fixing way

Glass glue or ST2.5x10mm Screws

Beam angle


Back Tape

3M tape

Quantity of LED (pcs)


Operating temperature


Protection class


Storage temperature





3 years/35000H


Parameters of light source


Type of led


CT/WL of led




Luminous flux



Spot Diagram & Light Distribution Curve:



Spot Diagram                                                                                                   Light Distribution Curve


Dimension of the product(unit: mm)



Installation and cable connecting diagram:



Product Application:


Note: Test panel is white acrylic with 3mm thickness, 54.4% light transmittance.


Remarks of installation and application:


 (1). Power lines use 2 x1.5mm² cable (according to the load current to select the corresponding power lines), if module cord need to lengthen must choose over 0.75mm²/ 18 # specifications wire, in order to avoid excessive overload causes the power cord fever, cause adverse consequences;
 (2). Per led module can be cut, cut short when the module connection, centered with diagonal cutting pliers first cut off the power supply cord between the two modules, decortication around 10 mm, and the corresponding color (white red line is positive, white blue line for cathode) leads to a shares, then USES the special waterproof insulation waterproof adhesive tape, and final inspection power terminal guide connectivity and firm, with bare hands can't pull out wire line from terminal advisable;
(3). Modules installed at the bottom of the first mdule of gum from type paper torn off, preliminary fixed on light boxes or advertising logo inside, and then USES the two ST2.5 x10mm self-tapping screw locking reinforcement, also can be used on both sides of the module, a fixed glass glue way;
(4). The end of the module threads to use waterproof tape or wiring plug waterproof processing, avoid short-circuit damages to the products;
(5). The module standard 20 PCS, take DC12V single-ended power supply;Biggest cascade 40 PCS, take on both ends of the power supply, please do not excess connection, avoid damage to the product line load current is too large;
(6). The module cannot be completely exposed in the outdoor use, please do not charged touch, charged homework.

Note: Recommended to use with the relevant safety certification of switch power supply (with short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection).

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